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Supporting Materials
2017-0332 CUP S ROAD FACILITY CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT AND CERTIFICATE OF DESIGNATION AMENDMENT Property Owner(s): S Road Facility, LLC Representative(s): Sioux Bartels Location: 1962 4 Road Parcel #: 2685-122-00-020 & 2685-122-00-002 Zoning: AFT Planner: Jeff Hofman, 970.254.4152, Request: The applicant is requesting the modification of the land area associated with the existing Landfill Conditional Use Permit (CUP) and Certificate of Designation (CD). The facility is currently permitted as a landfill by Mesa County and the State of Colorado. The proposed change would remove the southern 40 acres from the permit area and would allow the property owner to convey that portion of the property without association with the landfill operation. The southern 40 acres have not been used for land fill purposes. Staff Recommendation: Approval with Conditions MCPC Recommendation: Approval (5-0) on the Consent Agenda with Conditions provided in the Project Report (4/19/2018).
PDF Document  2017-0332 CUP S ROAD FACILITY CONDITIONAL USE PERM - 2017-0332 CUP S-Road Binder.pdf
PDF Document  2017-0332 CUP S ROAD FACILITY CONDITIONAL USE PERM - Resolution S Road Facility.pdf